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The Heart and Soul of Presbyterian Homes & Services

"When you give,
When you love,
When you serve,
You do it unto me." (from the song " When You Give" by Mark Schultz)

Volunteerism is one of the hallmarks of Presbyterian Homes & Services. From the very beginning local church members, children, service clubs, and staff have volunteered in every one of our communities.

Many different people...

We are blessed to have a wide diversity of volunteers - young children and older adults; volunteers who are here once a year and volunteers who are here every day; individuals and families; service organizations and church groups.

Serving in many ways...

These volunteers complete a variety of tasks for all of us. The residents that we have been called to serve are so important and deserve the very best. Volunteers help to supplement staff service - to do the little "extras" and to spend valuable time with the residents.

Sharing in one Spirit...

For our volunteers, no one is more or less important than another, and no job is too big or too small. Just as Corinthians 12 talks about many parts, but one body, each of our volunteers have many jobs, but one purpose - and that is to give back some of the blessings they have been given. We can (and do!) count the number of volunteers who have served, the number of hours that have been given, and even translate those hours into dollars. What is truly immeasurable is the difference that each of the volunteers has made to the residents and staff members. Presbyterian Homes is known for our Christian culture and high quality of life. This reputation has been built and grown over the years due to the volunteers and how they have faithfully served.
Volunteer Opportunities

This is a sample of service opportunities. Each community has volunteer services specific to its setting.

Administrative support 

Spiritual care 

Crafts and sewing 



Meal Delivery 

Special events 


Therapy pet visits 

Reading to a resident 


Dining room assistance 

Resident visits 


Resident Council support 

Board leadership

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Contact us to learn about specific opportunities at the location of your choice.